Ethics, Sustainability and Governance in the Swat Valley

There are many resources available that will assist the well-heeled and established jewellery companies in their mission to bring transparency to their supply chain and to reassure clients that they are addressing ESG concerns (Ethics, Sustainability and Governance.) Where does one start when you are a small start-up? What about those for whom the founding ethos of the business is to empower womenshowcase a region and bring to market its gems while ensuring every little step would pass any scrutineer? This is the story of an intense mission that set out to do just that. 

The value of a gemstone to the retail client has factors both tangible and intangible. The tangible would be related to the price paid for a stone of given quality and sizeThe intangible will be rather more personal and to me it is the emotional attachment that comes from the story behind a stone, the people who sought it out, worked on it and ultimately, brought it to market. This is of increasing importance and is the worthy counter to the bland lab certificate which assures the client of what they haveHow does one shine a light on a gemstone so a client might truly appreciate it? It starts with a journey and a lot of thorough investigative work. Here is just such a story. 

This article was published in Gems & Jewellery Magazine, Volume 27, No.4. Winter 2018.

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