Remarkable Rocks.

With industry experience from mine to market, Remarkable Rocks aims to bridge the gap between those working to uncover some of nature’s finest creations and those seeking to enjoy them. To do this well we have to be the champions for both.

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How Remarkable are we?

“Charles has been involved with Myne London from the beginning. Three years ago, he commanded an extensive field trip to the emerald mines of Swat Valley in challenging circumstances with enormous skill and sensitivity to the political temperature. His knowledge of gemstones and mining has been an invaluable asset to us and he has become a highly valued member of our core team. He goes far beyond a high level of gemmology in his understanding of the worlds industry and has a wide and varied skill set. He also delivers a great public speech!”

Fiona Wellington

Founder @ Myne London

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Charles over several years. Firstly, during my tenure at Gem-A, Charles showed himself to be someone with exceptional knowledge of gemstones and an ability to lead and organise a team. He is a natural diplomat and relationship builder. For this reason, when, as a consultant, I required a gemmologist with experience and wisdom for a particularly challenging and sensitive fieldtrip, I knew Charles was the right person to entrust. He has military-precision when it comes to detail and his deep-level of preparation was appreciated by both our client and the local communities. As a result, he built hard-won trust with suppliers and laid foundations for a still strong route to market between them and the client.”

Vivien Johnston

Founder @Johnston Resources

Built on a foundation of respect, appreciation and passion for the industry and its people.

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