Corporate Consulting

We are passionate about gem mining, an endeavour that is often the target of unfair criticism, politicking and deliberate misdirection. The truth often requires extensive research. Ethical sourcing is not a question of taking a holiday to an exotic locale and purchasing from panhandling locals. Similarly, the spurious claim to ‘traditional lands’ is not the same as an approved and registered mining claim. Greenwashing for marketing purposes discredits all of us. An effective supply chain audit demands a knowledge of mining, an understanding of legal requirements for the mining operations and the subsequent exports, as well as an appreciation of the local environment and social impact.

It all needs to be documented, checked, and monitored constantly. Money transfers need to be transparent and auditable in source and recipient tax jurisdictions. Changes in legislation, political leadership and public sentiment are all business risks to be appraised.

This needs to be communicated effectively to boardroom, to staff and to consumers alike. Remarkable Rocks can help answer the questions you have and provide solutions to the dilemmas that you face.

Field and Lab Gemmologist

In an era of heightened awareness of social responsibility, jewellery can easily be portrayed as a discretionary purchase; however, we need to let the story of the people involved and the journey to market remind consumers that their role in pulling gemstones to the high street is a vital one that is of particular importance in effecting positive change in our industry.

With a strong understanding of scientific gemmology and experience in a laboratory environment, combined with a solid commercial understanding of the gem market, there are many areas in which we can assist you in bringing a range to market. Experience has taught that a strong measure of success is not just your sales figures, but also closing the feedback loop to see the pleasure and pride expressed by the easily forgotten miners at the start of the supply chain.

Appraisal and Faceting

Appraisal: As an independent appraiser with the additional qualification of Certified Insurance Appraiser (USA) we have a thorough appreciation of the valuation industry through the eyes of insurance underwriters. We are available for personal or corporate work.

Faceting : One of our personal indulgences is to facet gemstones and we will often have a selection of gems that have been faceted according to the US tradition of meet-point faceting. This is a generous way of saying that way more time and effort has been spent on an elaborate and unusual cut than the stone is worth. We will always indicate the source of the rough material we have used.